About Us

Trent Valley Fascias specialise in the highest quality removal of concrete (Finlock) guttering, replacing it with the modern uPVC guttering, to building standards. We also have years of experience in a variety of other related services such as the replacement of old plastic and wood fascia/soffit, and door canopy fitting, all done to the highest specification and fitting.

We always work with FreeFoam uPVC, which carries a 30-year guarantee because its high quality and standards. We always use proper scaffolding, as required by Health & Safety regulations, thus ensuring the protection of your property whilst the work is undertaken. We DO NOT under any circumstances 'cut corners' by simply working off ladders.

Our combination of the highest quality workmanship, complete 10-year guarantee of success, and the customer not having to pay a penny until the job is done, provides our customers with 100% satisfaction and assurance of a job well done. As such, you can be assured that Trent Valley Fascias are the company for you!

Call us now for a no-obligation (FREE) quote, on 0115 921 4014, or use the contact form and we can arrange a mutually convenient appointment date/time.